About Me

I began my career in HR and for two decades led human resources at household names such as Nestle Purina and Tesco. My last role was Head of European HR for Carphone Warehouse managing staff across nine European companies. 

I didn’t just drift into HR.  I made a conscious decision at a young age to build my career in that  direction and never regretted if for a minute.  

In 2009, I left full-time employment to start Leaderwise.  Over the years I’d grown increasingly drawn to working with people one on one and so when a life change announced itself, I embarked on a coach training path that would help me to answer one of the key questions about behavioural change that I'd had throughout my HR career.  How to achieve long-lasting behavioural change?  I'd seen lots of training and development and change programmes that didn't get the outcomes they were after.   This is a perennial question for many and often in part, it's extremely challenging because of the sheer size of change underway.  

However, when it come to individuals I believe that there is a different way; an approach called 'embodied learning'.   Embodied learning asks us to go beyond simply understanding something at a cognitive or conceptual level, but instead challenges us to put our learning into practice repeatedly until it becomes embodied - that is, a core part of who we are.   And often, it's not as simple as 'just getting on with it'.  Often, the reason  we are not as effective at implementing new skills as we'd like to be is because we've embodied behaviours that we are blind to and in fact get in the way.   Becoming aware of this can be a great journey of discovery.  

I’ve always been curious about people and have come to observe that many of us underestimate what we are really capable of.    Marianne Wilson put it well when she said:   

‘Our deepest fear is not that that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us’.

For any of us who want to grow and develop, a key component is the support of people to help keep us focused, on path, engaging in new practices for the sake of new behaviours and capabilities that we want to cultivate for ourselves.  For me, well executed coaching can therefore be a vital and powerful element of this.

Brands I Have Worked With

I’ve been lucky enough to coach hundreds of leaders from organisations such as LinkedIn, Cap Gemini, Expedia, Affinity Water, EDF and Dixons Carphone to name but a few.  

  • ICF Accredited
  • Newfield Network trained Ontological Coach
  • The Strozzi Institute California - Master Somatic Coach 2017
  • MSC in Strategic HRM
  • MBTI Step II
  • Chartered member of the CIPD
  • Associate Coach with Huntwood Associates and Performance Coaching International

1. A strong sense of purpose: At the young age of 15 I invested lots of time determining what my career path would be.  I set out goals for myself to be achieved by the time I was 30 and actually hit most of them by the age of 27. I’m always working towards a set of new goals. My next one is a 10,000 foot tandem parachute jump. 

2. I enjoy new experiences: The first time I went up in an aeroplane... I jumped out. Seriously! When I did my first parachute jump, I’d never actually flown before. Likewise, when I moved to Barcelona, Spain I didn’t speak the language, or have a job to go to. When I’m invited to try something new, my default response is to say ‘yes’ and then work it out from there. It hasn’t failed me yet. 

3. An addiction to development: My training at the Strozzi Institute in California has been rigorous...and I’m not done developing my coach skills yet. I probably never will be.

4. Strong relationships: I believe that everything in life comes down to relationships.  The relationship we have with ourselves and with others.  Relationships are what make the world go around.

5. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway:  I also believe that, when it’s all paired back, human beings are looking for safety.  This is the most fundamental human need. If we do not feel safe at some level, we will not venture forth. A big part of life’s journey is to be able to create that safety for ourselves, such that we can ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Having been there myself, I can promise you that the methods I teach can help you to stay grounded, no matter how scary things get out there.