Coaching is a partnership.  It’s a partnership built on trust and a willingness to test, to explore, to discover and experiment.    Fundamentally however it’s success depends upon the willingness to begin practicing something new.  We are after all the product of all our habits, all of which have been acquired over time and many of which are oblivious to us.   Coaching requires us to shine a light on those habits, make them conscious and then begin to consciously practice new ways of speaking, doing and being.    

As your coach it’s my job to help you along this path.   I’ll help you to become a smarter observer of yourself and others.  You'll be able to work out where you help yourself and where you don’t.  We then work on what you want to change and how you are going to get on with it.  

At the outset of any coaching relationship we begin with a conversation that focuses on what new capability or competence you want to work on developing.    I like to get specific, but I hold that it may change as new awareness evolves.    If we are working in on a corporately funded programme, and your Line Manager is  involved, then we will begin with a three way conversation.  This way we will have a shared understanding of what we are going to be delivering.    We may collect other feedback if it can be made available, such as a simple 360 which I can organise.    I can offer a psychometric evaluation as well if that is going to be useful.  

A really important part of coaching is being clear on what we are working on and for the sake of what!  

We will agree how many sessions we are going to work for, mid-term reviews (although you and I will check in on progress regularly) and we will agree how we will wrap up and evaluate at the end of the programme.   Typically I will share at the outset the way in which I collect data for evaluation so that you know what to be looking out for as we go.  

How often we meet depends to some degree what you want to work with and how much practice you put in between each session.   Whether we work with  company sponsorship or you privately fund we will typically meet for a minimum of 6 sessions.   I work in London or closer to my home in Kent.  Occasionally I work with video technology or the telephone.  

However we structure the programme, what I do promise is a powerful methodology that can be transformational if you want it to be.   You can expect to be on your feet, you can expect to have to work with your senses and sensation, your emotions as well as your thought and reasoning capacities.  One of the lessons that I have learned is that the body reveals who we are in how it shows up (think confidence for example, or anger, or embarrassment - it shows up in the body)    - and during coaching I’ll help you learn how this is relevant to your everyday interactions and how to have it work for you in ways that are helpful and productive.