‘This is not coaching out of a text book; no pat ‘one size fits all’ approaches with cheesy acronyms. Beverley brings to her sessions calm, wisdom, empathy, insight, wide business experience and study, and most importantly the ability to listen and question, ensuring that the experience is tailored for the individual. Elaine Collins, Director, DC Thompson
— Elaine Collins, Director, DC Thompson
 Beverley empowered me to challenge my pre-conceptions and worked with me on not allowing these to affect my communication and sense of self worth.  I can now decline and insist with dignity.  
— Rochelle Read, Director , Expedia
I’ve taken a lot from our work, but I think the main thing is learning how to be calmer, the crazier things get. That might sound small, but for me it has been big, helping me keep focused and clear about goals even when under a great deal of pressure.
— Helen Gillett, MD Affinity for Business
She assisted me in developing strategies and ideas,that I have successfully applied, to ensure both my verbal and non-verbal communication gets the best out of people in a way that didn’t feel like a compromise of my own personal style or values.
— Andy Waby, Group Head of Security EMEA, MBDA
I developed greater resilience and learnt skills that assist me on a daily basis with colleagues and in my work practises. This has shown tangible benefits for my employer such as extremely high employee engagement scores and my ability to grapple and resolve challenging situations (and to speak more confidently in public).
— Lisa Deverick, Head of Data Protection and Group Compliance, EDF
I learnt how filter the ‘noise’ that surrounds every day in order to determine what I feel is important for me and the choices I make. With this came the embodiment of a certain feeling of light-heartedness. Beverley was instrumental in discovering that there is no one absolute truth, that we can all change and that we can continue to do so.
— Maxie Terry, Business Development Consultant, Champion Pet Foods
I learnt how to deal with awkward and difficult conversations, standing my ground , being more assertive and learning to say no. Learning to ground myself and take the time to respond rather than panicking and feeling like I need to rush to say something has been really useful.
— Isida Horncastle, Head of Communications and Content, Cornerstone Shaving Products
I met Beverley during quite a challenging period at work. She created a safe, supportive and respectful space in which we could explore the changes I wanted to make. Empathetic in her approach, it is easy to trust her integrity and honesty. She brings a flexibility and knowledge to her work that supported me in developing new ways of influencing, engaging and leading my team and others around me. My ability to manage multiple, often conflicting demands, to listen and to negotiate different outcomes improved as a result of the work we did. I happily recommend her.
— Customer Services Director EMEA Bausch & Lomb Inc

Clients have varied backgrounds and have worked in many different companies

Coaching clients across a wide range of middle to senior roles and have come from well known names such as Linked In, Expedia, Dixons Carphone, Cap Gemini, Bausch & Lomb, DC Thompson, Affinity Water, Compass Group, EDF and PGDS (part of The Prudential Group).

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