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6 Month LeaderWise Programme for:

  • People who know they have something significant to deliver
  • Those who want to work on Presence, Purpose, Gravitas, Stature, Influencing, Confidence
  • For those who seek to change and grow who they are and the way they are
  • Newly promoted Managers and Leaders


Typically 8 coaching sessions, either side of which is a chemistry session at the outset and an end of programme review with third party-sponsors. Three month follow-up post completion.  The programme encourages and supports regular practice, and email/telephone support is available as needed.

Additional options include bespoke 360 and psychometric assessments.

And at the end of 6 months…?

You will without doubt have begun the journey to making significant changes in your life, at home, at work or both. Your greater self-awareness and confidence will help stop you getting trapped in old stories, old ways of being and you will be engaged in some clear practices to support you in with the goals you declared for yourself.   You will enjoy greater resilience, flexibility and confidence in yourself.

Executive coaching icon for 12 month programme

12 Month LeaderWise Programme for:

Those who those who want to make a significant shift in their career and who know at the outset that a 6 month programme is unlikely to crack it. This is a particularly challenging programme that although it will ask a lot, will also ensure that you are able to embody – to live – the changes that you are seeking.

The Programme

After the initial chemistry session this programme begins with a Kick Start day to both open up greater self-awareness and get you moving into new practices. We focus on Vision, Goals and Gaps and develop a plan for moving you forwards. This day is then followed by up to 12 coaching sessions with email and telephone support, taking stock mid-programme, and a three-way feedback session with Sponsors at the end.

Three months later we are in contact again for a follow-up session. The programme is supported by a bespoke 360 and psychometric assessments as appropriate.

And at the end of 12 months…?

Your self-awareness will have grown immeasurably and you will have begun to really hone some of the practices the programme asks of you. Working from and returning to a place of emotional and physical centre (a term drawn from martial arts), you will be able to combine your passion and commitment to whatever goals you declare for yourself with greater presence and calm. Working somatically, that is with, through and on the body as a complete whole integrated system has massive potential for bringing about some deep changes, growth and development. In 12 months it is possible to make really significant progress towards a different future, one that is possibly more exciting, more in line with what you desire.

Icon for the change maker leadership programme

ChangeMaker Programme designed for:

  • Senior Business Leaders moving through personal and/or business transition
  • Those who need to mobilise others around them to a new vision or new direction
  • Those who value the benefits of shared learning with an individual personalised approach

The Programme

Lasting 9 -12 months and designed to harness the benefits of working with a very small group of likeminded business leaders the programme combines ‘Discover and Build’ workshops with 6 individual coaching sessions.  In between workshops we facilitate group calls designed to provide mutual support, reinforcement and a sounding board for those roadblocks that will inevitably come along. The work is intense, guaranteed to be enjoyable and designed to get you on and keep you on the path to making the changes you desire for either yourself or your business.

And at the end of the programme …?

You will end the programme with a much deeper confidence in your ability to contain, hold and navigate the twists and turns of  transition.   You will know how to manifest what drives you, you will know how to keep focused and how to do so with much greater ease, much less tension, stress and worry. You will have learned how to create different perspectives, how to engage and bring others along more effectively and how to avoid indecision, frustration and being blown off course.

Beverley is an engaging coach who put me at ease, allowing me to discuss and explore a range of key development areas. Perceptive questioning opened up areas outside of my comfort zone and helped me make some real changes.
— Group Head, Insurance, Mobile Telecoms