I imagine you are here because you are curious.   If you are considering working with a coach then you probably have some kind of challenge ahead of you.   

Much of our corporate language focuses on finding tips, techniques, tools and quick fixes as we search for the golden nugget that will solve all of our problems. It’s as if we can master the world to such an extent that if X happens then we do Y, if A happens then we do B and so on. Living our lives as if we are ‘painting by numbers’.  

Instead there is a much simpler path.  We can learn to be masters in our own skin, confident in our abilities in whatever we face, and resilient in whatever storm.   We can learn to observe ourselves more deeply, to adapt our persona and ways of being for the sake of building more collaborative and successful relationships with those around us.  

I am an Executive Leadership Coach.   I work often with people who are sponsored by their company for coaching, and sometimes with people who self-fund.  Typically my corporate clients are Senior Members of the Leadership Team, Managers of Managers but not exclusively.   

Successful leaders have the same setbacks as everyone else.  It’s how they react to these that sets them apart.  They have an inner strength that everyone can sense when they walk into a room.  Successful leaders have an unmistakable presence.

I can help you to build resilience for adversity, show you how to unhook yourself from unhelpful patterns and create strategies to achieve your most valued goals.   

If you choose to work with me, we will make a plan that will show you how you can learn to navigate whatever the world throws at you, in your time, on your terms.   You won't need to keep reverting back to self-help books - although they of course have their place - instead you'll have all the resources you need  - that is, you.  

Beverley is somebody who you can connect with easily, she listens well and is able to really dig beneath the surface of what is there. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
— Vernon Bubb, Head of Linked In Sales Solutions EMEA, LinkedIn

How do you navigate what the world throws at you?  

One of the biggest challenges facing every leader, at every level, is the way in which our world is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex.

We’re tasked with adapting quickly to relentless change whilst at the same time remaining steady, confident and decisive.
It’s a ‘leadership paradox’ that requires us to find new ways of working.  

Instead of running around ever faster trying to keep up and catch everything, akin pretty much to the wall of death at the old style fairgrounds, we need to take a different path.  

With my 25 years experience in HR and one of the few of Master Somatic coaches in the UK, I use leadership techniques you won’t find on the business (or personal development) shelf of any bookshop.

The key difference? We get you out of your own head!

Believe it or not, your head doesn’t hold all of the answers. Many of our most ingenious solutions and complex decisions have an intuitive and emotional basis. Our leadership is loudly defined by our actions. Leadership is both an act of being and doing.  

Sometimes part of our uniqueness is blind to us.  We need to learn to stand back and observe, to pay attention to what works and at what we could be more effective. Sometimes it means slowing down a little in order to actually go faster. We learn to create strategies that are unique to you, helping you to develop a strong, lasting resilient confidence no matter what life throws at you.  

This is different to anything else that you have ever tried. You’ll be on your feet a lot more than is usual for coaching, you'll be asked to explore, to get curious, to try out new things, to look for powerful sensations, emotions, as well as your thoughts, to re-discover your stories, to really start to shine a light on what you do and how you do it. Your forward destination will be one of choice, you will learn much more about how you are so that instead of being on auto-pilot you will instead be able to actively create new choices for yourself. You will be in charge of your story, your destiny, instead of ‘it’ being in charge of you.  

Beverley has the ability to make you feel very comfortable whilst fluently exploring your needs. She empowered me to challenge my pre-conceptions and worked with me on not allowing these to affect my communication and sense of self worth.
— Rochelle Read, Global Revenue Optimization Director, Expedia

I’m pretty certain that most people would say I’m fairly down to earth, practical and pragmatic.   I’m generally no fuss, no drama, and I can combine a planful and organised approach with taking things as they come.  Adaptability and resilience.

I’m driven by doing the right things for my clients and my work and feel genuinely very grateful that I have the opportunity to do work that I love and feel passionate about.  

What I love about the way I work is that there are no complicated models to memorise and apply.  There is one ‘model’ that needs to be observed and worked with.  You.  We each have all the basic resources we need to be able to adapt and adjust to the situations we find ourselves in - but - we need to be willing to discover, learn, practice and apply ourselves.   What could be more practical?  

Prior to switching to professional coaching, I enjoyed a career in Senior HR Roles working with household names such as Tesco, Nestle Purina and Dixons Carphone.  I’ve worked in matrix, European and American environments, have lived and worked abroad and speak Spanish. 


Companies I Have Worked With

This is not coaching out of a text book; no pat ‘one size fits all’ approaches with cheesy acronyms. Beverley brings to her sessions calm, wisdom, empathy, insight, wide business experience and study, and most importantly the ability to listen and question, ensuring that the experience is tailored for the individual.
— Elaine Collins, Director of Global Partnerships, DC Thompson

Whether we put together an executive leadership coaching proposal for your employer or we work together privately, your coaching programme will run for a minimum of six 1-2-1 sessions. Occasionally it’s fewer than 6, sometimes it’s more. Whichever way it goes we build in regular review conversations to check we are on track.

If we work with your employer then I like to involve your Line Manager or other key sponsors for agreeing outcomes, supporting your progress and reviews.   If there's the opportunity, I also like to collect bespoke 360 feedback, designed to provide you with some meaningful information to work with.  

Whatever type of coaching programme we devise, we will always agree a clear focus for the work - what needs to be different at the end of the programme - and a plan.  This is important for assessing the value of the programme.  I share with you up front how the work I do will be evaluated too, so you know what to look out for as we go along.  

The majority of my clients are based in London, and a few locally in Kent.  

Read more about the process of coaching under 'How Coaching Works' … or feel free to contact me to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation chemistry session.

A chemistry session is simply a conversation in which we each get to explore whether we could establish a good working relationship. (And don’t worry, if it’s not for you, there’ll be no need to call me back, or explain).