A Magical Dragon Tail May Be The Key ...

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The Magic of the Dragon Tail

A wonderful coaching client once shared with me his experiences of being in Hong Kong.  He'd been on a work visit and being new to the region and culture, he experienced a very quick immersion into business practices.  

Aside from some of the insights he shared about doing business there, he was particularly struck by the holes in tall skyscrapers.   Purposely built this way, he discovered that they are called Dragon Gates and are designed so that the dragons can fly through as they pass from the mountains to the sea.   I love this idea.  A blend of mythology and reality.    

And especially relevant because a key feature of something I work with is a Dragon Tail.   Everyone is invited to grow one.   We all have imaginations and so we can usually find some way of feeling, seeing, hearing, perhaps even smelling a heavy stabilising, grounding Dragon Tail that extends from somewhere along our back line way behind us, much like the train of a wedding dress or long cape.   

Clients choose whatever type of Dragon Tail they like.  Tails can be any shape, size, colour, texture, weight.  They can be knarled, spiky bumpy, scaly, smooth, decorated.  It really does not matter.  What matters is why.    For the sake of what would I ask perfectly 'responsible, sensible adults' to engage in imaginary fun like this.  

Here's why.   

Clients most frequently report using their tails when they need additional felt strength, courage and support.  They use it to consciously hold their life's experience, good and not so good, their support network, their skills, competencies, gifts, achievements.  Anything and everything that helps them experience more gravitas and a greater, purposeful sense of 'I can do this'.   With a Dragon Tail we can move forwards into whatever challenges lie ahead with greater ease and support.   The tail helps us to slow down for a moment, to breathe more deeply and to feel more grounded.  We can occasionally use the tail to figuratively flick or swipe an obstacle out of the way and we can use it to provide us with a momentary rest when we just need to press pause before opening our mouths or moving to action again.  

The Dragon Tail is the place where our history resides.  Behind us, to the sides of us, not in front of us.  Our history, our life’s experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly is everything that supports us as we move from the here and now, the present moment, into the future, moment by moment with anything from big bold steps to tiny small, tentative yet courageous movements.  

The tail connects us to our courage and competence.   It helps us to feel calmer and more confident.   And yes it might be imaginary but who cares.  If Dragon Tunnels can be built in buildings surely we can grow them?